Pop Up and Emerging Needs








 “Lord, when did we see you hungry and       

gave you food?”


Need is up; supplies are down.  So far this year, MCUM’s pantry has served 466 hungry families.  If you have not had a chance to bring food or hygiene supplies to the MCUM box recently, please consider making a generous in-kind donation during the next two weeks. Stocking the MCUM pantry is a great way to live into our commitment to be a Matt 25 congregation. 





Dear FPC Members and Friends,


The FPC Refugee Committee has been actively planning and organizing to welcome a refugee family of unknown size and nationality to Bloomington.  Our goal is to be in position to receive our family sometime this spring on a schedule jointly determined with Exodus Refugee International with whom we have been working to raise funds, complete background checks, and position the equipment and supplies needed before our new family arrives at the Indianapolis airport. 


The Refugee Committee will be drawing funds from the congregation’s generous donations for most of the things that will be needed to outfit an apartment.  Before making our purchases, however, we want to provide an opportunity for the congregation to donate items that are clean, in good condition, and functional, in the following categories: 


FURNITURE:  Bed frames and mattresses as needed, dressers or other clothing storage units, couches and chairs, tables and lamps, kitchen table and chairs.  Please note that final decisions about which items to accept can only be made once family details and home location are known.  


KITCHEN:  We will need cutting boards, a dish drying rack, Tupperware, mixing/serving utensils, knives, and towels.


OTHER ITEMS: Laundry basket, vacuum cleaner, bucket and dustpan, umbrellas, radio, and alarm clock.   


Bill McGregor has agreed to serve as the Refugee Committee's clerk of the "home supply list."  If you have items to donate, please contact him at: mcgregor@indiana.edu.  Notes can also be sent to: 2407 S. Childs Ct., Bloomington, IN 47401.


Please know we very much appreciate the willingness of FPC members and friends to step up with patient flexibility and a sense of renewed hope for the future of a family soon to walk into their completely furnished, new home.


On behalf of the Refugee Committee,


Ann Schechter




Current, short-term opportunities to help First Presbyterian with outreach include:


Volunteers Needed!

Our Area 10 Food Delivery team is looking for a few new volunteers.

Once a month a group of about 25 FPC members gather to bag groceries and deliver them to older folks in need in our community.  At this time, we need two new drivers and a couple of substitute drivers.  Each driver has a set route of about 8 or 9 individuals.  The time commitment is about 1-2 hours, in the morning or early afternoon on the 4th Wednesday or Thursday of each month.  Training and encouragement are provided!

Several of our FPC members who volunteer with this project feel it is a very rewarding way to help others.  That was especially true during the pandemic as we continued our deliveries each month.   If you are looking for a way to help those in need, please contact Gail Dunning, gdunning45@sbcglobal.net or Allan Edmonds, allan.edmonds@gmail.com.

- from the Outreach Committee

Sack Meals for Wheeler Mission Guests


Several in the congregation have commented that they miss the opportunities to work together for a good cause that were provided by the Saturday morning breakfast groups and the Interfaith Winter Shelter. The Outreach Committee has received a request for assistance from the Wheeler Mission Center for Men that could provide a chance to rebuild some of the focused team efforts that we have had in the past.
We are seeking 12 families or individuals in the congregation who will volunteer to purchase supplies and prepare 10 sack lunches once a month. Items in the sack meals could include a sandwich (PB+J, Lunch meat, etc.), apple or orange, chips or cookies, granola bar, fruit snack or candy, and a drink (water or Gatorade).
The Outreach Committee will coordinate collecting all 120 sack meals and delivering them to Wheeler. Later, when social distancing procedures change, we may decide that doing this as a group at the church might be preferable.
Please let us know if you are interested in this, or have questions, please contact Dan Watts, wattbush@gmail.com