We are a small group ministry seeking to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable practices throughout our church and community and striving to be good stewards of God's creation. Join us!

Continuing Projects: Our group has organized the recycling program in the church and volunteers who make regular pickups of recyclables to transport to the recycling center. We plan activities around Earth Day each year. We offer programs on environmental themes in the Sunday morning Faith Forum series. We have occasionally promoted alternative transportation through WALBICUS (Walk, Bike, Carpool, or Bus) weeks.

We promote and recognize efforts throughout the church to save energy and reduce greenhouse emissions. Here is how our church has increased its energy efficiency between 2014 and the end of 2016: LED bulbs have been installed through most of our building, and a new high-efficiency gas boiler was installed. Other energy-saving strategies like motion sensors and higher-efficiency appliances are paying off. Annualized savings represent a 20% reduction in electricity usage and a 50% reduction in gas usage.


In addition we publish regular articles and announcements in the First Press and weekly church email about church and community issues and events related to our environmental concerns. Here is a collection of past articles from 2020 and here is a collection of articles from 2021.


We maintain a comprehensive list of re-use and recycling options in Bloomington - Bloomington Reuse & Recycle Options - or find a hard copy on the bulletin board in the north narthex.

Earth Care: We are part of this interfaith consortium in Bloomington. In cooperation with them we devoted the entire year of 2011 to their Task of the Month program, a systematic way of making cost-effective changes that reduce home energy consumption, especially electricity, which in Indiana comes primarily from coal-fired power plants.

How to contact us: Email us at earthstewards@googlegroups.com to join our email distribution list or with ideas and suggestions. Or contact Allan Edmonds at allan.edmonds@gmail.com.