About Us

"Celebrating Christ and Serving Community at 6th and Lincoln and Throughout the World."

From its beginning in 1819 as the first organized church in the city of Bloomington, our congregation has always sought and continues to seek to exhibit a faithful, challenging and contemporary Christian witness.

Our church is more than a building; it is a community of seekers and disciples in Christ. We believe that a community formed by Christ is also one committed to full hospitality for all of God's children.

We worship together, we learn together, we serve together, but most of all, together, we seek to be God's people in an ever changing world. 

As members of Presbyterian Church (USA) we are affiliated with:


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                                FPC is Matthew 25 congregation.

                                      That means we have taken the challenge from Jesus in

                                      Matthew 25 that “just as you did it until one of the least of these,

                                      you did it until me.”  We have chosen to focus our efforts on

                                      dismantling systemic racism that separates from God and

                                      from our sisters and brothers, especially those who are oppressed in our society. 


Our denomination (PCUSA) created this initiative to challenge congregations to walk the walk of Matthew 25 in terms of dismantling systemic racism.

What does being a Matthew 25 congregation mean for FPC? First, being a Matthew 25 congregation means that we ask the tough questions about how we spend our time and resources and ask how our decisions impact racial justice in our community.  Second, several Session committees are discussing how to intensify what they are already doing toward creating racial justice, plus initiate new education, worship, outreach, membership, and other programs to address anti-racism. In this way, our Matthew 25 strategies will be integrated into the total ministry and mission of FPC.  Third, being a Matthew 25 congregation means that the Session and the larger congregation take a courageous and leadership role in actually doing justice unto one of the least of these and therefore to Jesus.

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