Celebrating Christ

As a community of believers, we begin our week gathering to worship God at 9:00 a.m. and again at 11:00 a.m. Although the scripture and sermons are the same, each service is distinct.  Our early service (at 9:00) is less formal.  It is unique in that it draws from many musical traditions and liturgical styles.  The 11:00 service follows a more traditional form of worship.  Liturgy helps to guide worship, while the organ, formal choir, and traditional hymns lead us in praising God.  



Get Involved with Worship

It takes a lot of people to make worship happen every week. Here are some of the ways you can help make worship happen! 

  • Worship: Sing, read along, greet the people around you.  Show up at 9am or 11am on Sunday and be ready to particpate with the rest of God's people!  
  • Share Your Musical Talent:  We have two choirs that meet regularly and the occasional "pick up" choir during the summer.  A Christmas Band and a Bell Choir are there for those who have musical gifts beyond singing! 
  • Usher: Like to keep things running on time, make sure everything is orderly; but still love meeting new people?  Ushering is for you!  Ushering teams serve once a month and help hand out bulletins, collect the offering and in general welcome people to worship.
  • Greet: Enjoy meeting people?  Greeters help open doors, hand out nametags, and make sure people can find their way through the building.  Greeters are in action from 10:30-11:00 on Sunday mornings.
  • Liturgize: Do you love the liturgy?  Help lead in the worship service by being a liturgist-- you will guide the congregation as we call each other to worship, confess our sins and more.  Plus you get a great seat for the service!
  • Serve: Are you an ordained deacon or elder?  On the first of every month we serve communion and we could use your help distributing the bread and grape juice.  
  • Prepare: Creative? Artistic? Or just plain orderly?  We need folks to imagine creative space for worship (cool displays for special services, making interesting paraments and more) as well as people who can make sure that the pews  are properly supplied and in order.  They may be "behind the scenes" jobs, but they make worship possible!


Please note: The sanctuary is equipped with a hearing loop for hearing aids equipped with a t-coil. If you do not have a t-coil hearing aid, you can request the use of an amplifying device from the ushers or the sound operator. For hygiene purposes, please bring your own earphones that have a small ‘mini’ plug.