Ruling Elders (The Session)

First Presbyterian Church is led by dedicated men and women.  Ordained to the office of "Ruling Elder," members of our church's board — called a Session — take on the responsibility of leading and equipping our congregation to be faithful followers of Christ.

Class of 2017
  • Ginny Coombs (Personnel Committee)
  • Don Hanna (Stewardship Committee)
  • Norman Holy (Mission and Outreach Committee)
  • Kathy Norris (Worship Committee, Nominating)
  • Mary Burch Ratliff (Christian Education Committee)
Class of 2018
  • Norman Dean (Worship Committee)
  • Gail Dunning (Membership Committee)
  • Allan Edmonds (Christian Education Committee, Adult Subcommittee)
  • Tom Schwandt (Personnel Committee)
  • Susie Van Doren (UKirk Board)
Class of 2019
  • Beth Burcham (Small Groups Committee)
  • Tom Dillon (Property Committee)
  • David Geidroc (Nominating Committee)
  • Christopher Goss (Property Committee)
  • Mary Beth Novy

The Diaconate

Deacons lead by serving.  As ordained officers, deacons organize many of the ministries of care and compassion.  While the office of deacon can be traced back to the earliest Christian communities, our diaconate was established in 2012 with the first class of deacons starting in January of 2013. 

Class of 2017
  • Cathy McFarland
  • Ann Schechter
  • David Schwandt
  • Michael Williams
  • Calvin Prenkert
Class of 2018
  • JoEllen Baldwin
  • Virginia Baude
  • Dave Grossman
  • Karen Watts
Class of 2019
  • Sharon Ackerman
  • Jason Adams
  • Bev Tevault
  • Joyce Splann Krothe