Jesus of Nazareth Parish
Posoltega, Nicaragua 

June 2017

We spend two weeks living, working, worshiping, and serving alongside members of our sister parish, Jesus of Nazareth Catholic church. Building on almost 20 years of shared ministry, our trip focuses on building and maintaining relationships. We live with local families, but share meals together as a group. Every day, we are out in the community, helping with projects identified by our Posoltegan partners. That has included work on a local community center, helping to repair homes of elderly Posoltegans, and tending to needs on the church grounds. We also have the opportunity to see other aspects of our partnership at work, whether that is enjoying the amazing sounds of the music program or helping serve hot lunch to local children.    

Individuals are expected to help with fundraising, but will only be expected to cover the cost of a plane ticket and individual travel expenses.