We do mission in partnership! Over the years, we have developed unique partnerships with particular organizations and individuals, but we also maintain connections to agencies that are on the ground serving sisters and brothers around the world. 

Unique Partnerships:

Jesus of Nazareth Parish in Posoltega, Nicaragua: For almost 20 years, we have been blessed to be paired with the congregation of Jesus of Nazareth. Outside of our biannual mission trips, we are connected through ongoing mission support for the congregation, an active community music program, university scholarships, and a hot lunch program coordinated through Bloomington Sister Cities. More information is available here.

Our congregation supports Uriwan, a Burmese refugee, who is now studying at Payap International University in Thailand in preparation to become a minister.  


Organizational Partnerships

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance: Responding in times of crises and emergency, Presbtyerian Disaster Assistance works with other aid organizations to provide relief, protection and support. 


Church World Service: Working through the local CROP Hunger Walk and organizing special care packages for those affected by natural disaster, First Presbtyerian is honored to be part of the work of Church World Service.

The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program: Working to be called "the children of God," we collect a special offering every October to help fund local and international peacemaking efforts, as well as engage in a variety of peace-related activies in our congregation.

Heifer International: We annually support Heifer International through our "Heifer Market." We fill our fellowship hall with live animals and raise over $10,000.00! 

Bread for the World: We are a covenant church, committed to fighting hunger in our community and around the world. In September, we organize a congregational "offering of letters."