Mission: Serving Community

We are sent! God calls us into the world, proclaiming the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Every week, members of the congregation are serving with groups around Bloomington and around the world!

First Presbyterian supports an energetic outreach ministry—locally, nationally, and globally. Among various local projects, we act in partnership with the Area 10 Agency on Aging, delivering groceries to needy seniors and playing a leading role in Area 10's “handyman” project. Nationally, we sponsor an annual mission trip to Appalachia, helping impoverished families repair and improve their homes. Reaching beyond our nation’s borders, we maintain a sister-church relationship with a Roman Catholic parish in Posoltega, Nicaragua, sending work teams to Posoltega every other summer and supporting a variety of ongoing projects. Perhaps the most enjoyable is our annual “Heifer Market,” complete with live farm animals, which actively involves both children and adults as we support the work of Heifer International.


Get involved in Local Mission!

Check out our current mission volunteer needs below, or consider working with one of our local partners.

Volunteer Opportunities
  • Buy One, Give One: Food drives are great, but there is a constant, ongoing need for food and supplies in Bloomington. Can you pick up an extra can of food, a few spare bars of soap? Drop them off in the MCUM box located in the narthex.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast: Make breakfast for your neighbor! We serve over 70 people every Saturday and can always use your help.
  • Area 10 Agency on Aging: Help pack or deliver groceries.


Budgeted Giving

Our congregation strives to dedicate 20% of our budget to mission giving. Some years, we meet that goal; in others, we miss it. There are several ways the church funds our mission giving: through our budget, in response to emergencies, through special offerings, and through special fundraising.

Each year, the Mission and Outreach Committee prayerfully discerns where to allocate mission funds from our budget. In addition to supporting all levels of the Presbyterian Church (local, national and international), we also support MCUM (Monroe County United Ministries), Area 10 Agency on Aging, Habitat for Humanity, Saturday breakfasts for homeless individuals, Bread for the World, the Interfaith Winter Shelter, and the community of Posoltega, Nicaragua. Each year, there is at least one mission trip that includes both adults and youth.

Disaster Response

In response to disasters (domestic or international), funds are transmitted to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for distribution. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance works with local faith communities as well as other churches, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies to coordinate aid response.

Special Offerings

The Session has approved the following special offerings: One Great Hour of Sharing, Peacemaking, and Christmas Joy. One-fourth of the Peacemaking and Christmas Joy offerings is retained by the church and is distributed to individuals in need as determined by the Mission and Outreach Committee and/or the pastors. These offerings are sponsored by the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Special Fundraising

Most notably, the church organizes an annual fundraising event, Eat Around the Equator, in conjunction with the annual Lotus Festival. Funds raised from this event are distributed to agencies as directed by the Mission and Outreach Committee.