Youth Ministry (6th-12th Grade)

"Faith without works is dead"

It's great to believe, but your faith should be more than an abstract ideal. It should be part of you and part of your life.  Youth Ministry is all about creating opportunities and community to see where God is calling you! 

Disciples (6th-9th Grade) 

What do you believe? What don't you believe?  During middle school, we focus on the heart of our shared beliefs.  We dig deep into scripture, learn more about the church, and most importantly explore what it means to be a follower of Christ in the 21st century. 

Disciples Sunday School Class Meets Weekly @ 10am in "the Upper Room" 


High School Youth (9th-12th Grade) 

Ever heard of Orthopraxy?  What would it mean for you to live out your faith?  Authenticity is an easy word to say, it's a hard word to understand. High School is about figuring out who you are beyond all the labels.

High School Youth Meet at 10am on Sunday morning

in the Youth Room 

(basement level  room 26)