Located on the ground floor of Walker Hall, the nursery is dedicated to the youngest members of our congregation. Designed to meet the needs of children 3years and younger, the space is divided into an Infant room and a Toddler room (though sometimes we play together).  There is also space in the nursery if you need a place to nurse. The nursery is staffed by Crystal Ritter and a number of trained assistants.  Don’t be surprised if you also see volunteers from our congregation helping out!  The nursery is staffed from 8:45-12:30 on Sunday mornings and during special church events. 

Infants and toddlers need to know they can trust their caregivers to care for them and meet their needs. By experiencing respectful and responsive care throughout their stay in the nursery, infants and toddlers learn they can count on their church for comfort, love, support, encouragement and kindness. The children are learning how to be part of a respectful community by being treated respectfully by our teachers. We model responsive care, which means that we adjust our teaching to meet each child's developmental needs, their inner desire to understand and learn about the world around them, and respond to every child's daily needs with love, care and respect.

Forms and Parent's Handbooks can be found here

Frequently Asked Questions about the Nursery:

1) What do you do in the nursery?

We play, rest, share a snack.  Each month the nursery focuses on a particular theme. We have age appropriate songs, activities and stories to help embody those themes.  Much of our time is unstructured allowing for free play and exploration.

2) How can I help my child have a good experience?

When you drop off your child, be sure to tell us the best way to comfort your child, the last time they ate, were changed and the last time they slept.  We'll be sure to give you an update when you pick your child up at the end of services.

3) What should I bring?

What does your child need?  Depending on your child, bring diapers, a blanket, and her favorite sippy cup with juice.  Be sure to label everything!  It's amazing how favorite stuffed animals sometimes look alike.  If you have any specific information about your child (i.e. medical allergies etc.,) please bring that information as well.  We learn pretty quickly, but it is helpful to have that information on hand.

4) What if my child has been sick?

Wait 24 hours!  That gives your child time to recover and helps protect other children from getting sick.

5) What type of safety protocol is followed?

There are always two people with extensive early childhood experience in nursery who also have current background checks as well as CPR/ First Aid certification.  Careful documentation in regards in allergies or special needs is maintained at all times.  Additionally, we maintain a pager system for staff to contact parents in an emergency.