Schedule for Faith Forum Presentations
Winter-Spring 2017

Updated April 17, 2017

Jan. 1. New Year's Day. One service. No Faith Forum. 
Jan. 8Roundtable Discussion on "Gene Therapy - Playing God?" led by Karen Watts. The rapid development of genetic technology now allows us to “correct” defective DNA in embryos, children and adults. Come and discuss the ethical, moral and religious implications of these actions.
Jan. 15. Invitation to a Book Discussion. An introduction to and overview of moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt's book The Righteous Mind; Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. Allan Edmonds, chair of the Adult Christian Education Committee, will lead the discussion. If there's enough interest we may offer a follow-up discussion group that would meet separately over several weeks to read and discuss the book in more detail.
Jan. 22. Posoltega, with Dan and Debbi Conkle and Mary Burch Ratliff. The story of First Presbyterian's long term relationship with the Jesus of Nazareth Parish of Posoltega, Nicaragua, and our church's plans for a mission trip there in 2017.
Jan. 29. What would it take to become a Presbyterian Earth Care Congregation? Overview of the PC(USA) certification program and its challenges. Should we do it? Will people help? Discussion led by Allan Edmonds, member of Earth Stewards, FPC's environmental advocacy group.
Feb. 5. The Great Satan Visits Iran, with Ben Brabson. Stories and insights about the country and its people from his trip to Iran in the summer of 2016. Brabson is a member of Trinity Episcopal Church, a retired IU physics professor, and a climate scientist and environmental advocate.
Feb. 12. Interfaith Conversations, with Yusuf Nur, active member of the Bloomington Islamic Center, immigrant from Somalia, IU Ph.D., professor at IU Kokomo.
Feb. 19. Panel Discussion on "Gene Therapy - Playing God?" led by Karen Watts. Follow-up to the January 8 session. Participation in the previous session not necessary. Exploring in more depth some of the questions raised.
Feb. 26. Montreat. With Susie Watson Burns, Youth Outreach Director at Montreat Conference Center In addition to her Faith Forum presentation she will be holding an information night for parents and youth interested attending an upcoming Youth Conference at Montreat. Montreat Conference Center is one of three national conference centers affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), annually visited by over 35,000 people seeking physical and spiritual renewal in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.
Mar. 5. Pancake Brunch.No Meeting.
Mar. 12. Spring Break. No Meeting.
Mar. 19. Spring Break. No Meeting.
Mar. 26.  Navigating the End of Life, with Dr. Rob Stone, director of palliative care at IU Health.
Apr. 2. What’s going to happen while I’m gone? Creative Planning for the Pastor's Sabbatical, with Andy Kort.
Apr. 9. Palm Sunday. No Meeting.
Apr. 16. Easter. No Meeting.
Apr. 23. Update on Planet Earth, by Allan Edmonds.
Apr. 30. Our Vietnamese Refugee Family of 1980. With the Burkheads, Honeycutts, and Coppedges.
May 7. Medicare for All, with Dr. Rob Stone, Bloomington doctor and health care advocate.
May 14. Reflections on Trinity Episcopal and First Presbyterian, with Father Charlie Dupree and Andy Kort.
May 21. Interfaith Conversations with Dave Baer, local member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and one of the originators of the “Ask Me Anything!” Community Events. Dave offers links to some short video clips, produced by the LDS church each year around Easter, that address core Mormon beliefs, in the hopes that they might trigger questions and discussion: