Schedule for Faith Forum Presentations
Summer-Fall 2017

Tentative and subject to change

Updated August 18, 2017

Aug. 13. Like you, I have a story to tell. Locally produced documentary about homeless people in Bloomington. Facillitated by Dan Watts, past chair of the board of the Interfaith Emergency Winter Shelter.
Aug. 20. The Conversation Continues. Continued discussion of the issues related to homelessness that are impacting people in Bloomington. Come help us frame and prioritize the issues that affect us the most or on which we can have the most impact. We can raise issues and concerns that can provide valuable input to Session, staff, committees, and other organizations as they continue to grapple with these issues.
Aug. 27. All-church brunch. No Faith Forum. 
Sept. 4. Labor Day Weekend. No Faith Forum. 
Sept. 10. My doctoral project and what I learned about our church. Andy Kort, pastor.
Sept. 17. My doctoral project and what I learned about our church, part 2. Andy Kort, pastor.
Sept. 24FPC as a Town and Gown Church, with the church Bicentennial Taskforce, chair Judy Holy.
Oct. 1.  What are the mission choices our church has made? Which choices should be reconsidered? Norm Holy, chair of Mission and Outreach.
Oct. 8.  Perspectives from Israel and the West Bank: Israel. Jim Ernest.
Oct. 15. Perspectives from Israel and the West Bank: West Bank. Owen Johnson.
Oct. 22One service at 10 am, followed by the congregation's annual meeting. No Faith Forum.
Oct. 29
Nov. 5.
Nov. 12. Heifer Market. No Faith Forum.
Nov. 19. Sunday before Thanksgiving. No Faith Forum.
Nov. 26.
Dec. 3. Interfaith Conversations: The Society of Friends (Quakers), with Elaine and Phil Emmi of the Bloomington Friend's Meeting. Date tentative.
Dec. 10.
Dec. 17. (Christmas Pageant)
Dec. 24. No Faith Forum.
Dec. 31. No Faith Forum.