Adult Education


Looking to add some depth to your faith? At First Presbyterian adult education focuses on providing space and opportunities to dig deep into our tradition and our practice as we all grow in our understanding of God, community and vocation.

On Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. there are usually several opportunities:

Faith and Family: A multigenerational discussion group focused on raising children to know Jesus's teachings, follow God's way for their lives, and grow up to be active church and community members. Attend this class if you currently have a close connection to children or if you are curious about ways to help support the future of the church.  The group meets in Room 27. 

Faith Forum: Topics change weekly, as experts in their fields share information and insight, and are publicized in church bulletins and newsletters. Follow the link in the side bar for current information. The class usually meets in Room 7.

Protestant Reformations: A special, seven week study, began September 24 in Room, in recognition of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Participants will explore the backgrounds of the Reformations in each of the four Reformation traditions, discuss theological issues where each of the traditions has unique views; and look at the Reformations today regarding their influences and legacies, as well as the Reformation in today’s churches. Follow the link in the side bar for timelines of the different Reformations.